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INR309: Foreign Policy Analysis

INR017: China and the World 

INR206: Post-Ottoman Middle East

ULI402: International Political Economy

INR106: Introduction to Economics

SBK206: History of Economic Thought

INR103: Introduction to Political Science

INR016: Media and Politics

SUY5101: Theories of International Relations

SUY5105: Research Methods and Ethics

ULI004: Latin America and Foreign Policy

ULI304: Turkish Foreign Policy

INR103: Introduction to Sociology

S 329: Social Movements of the Global South

IS 265: Global History from the Revolutionary Age to the Present

IS 358: Development, Aid, and Difference in Historical Perspective

IS 210: Comparative World Politics: Trajectories, Regimes, Challenges

SA 325: Political Sociology

SA 250: Introduction to Sociological Theory

SA 350: Classical Sociological Thought

SA 362: Society and the Changing Division of Labour

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