The Construction of “Post-Hegemonic Multipolarity” in Eurasia: A Comparative Perspective

Emerging Forms of Social-Union Organizing Under the New Conditions of Turkish Capitalism: A Class-Capacity Analysis

COVID-19 in Historical Perspective: How Disaster Capitalism Fabricates a Fear-Managed World Order?

International Security After the Arab Spring: Domestic and International Sources of the Syrian and Libyan Conflicts (2011-2020)

A Comparative Reading of Max Weber and Antonio Gramsci: Making Sense of the Continuity of the Classical Sociological Tradition Beyond Political Biases

Socioeconomic and Geopolitical Dimensions of European Regionalism in Crisis

Building a Fair World Order in a Post-American Age

A Geopolitical-Economic Perspective into the BRICS’ Rise in Africa

Geopolitical Economy of Post-Hegemonic Regionalism in Latin America and Eurasia

France’s Yellow Vest Uprising as a “Political Process”

Social Classes and “New” Social Movements Under the Crisis of Global Capitalism

China’s Eurasian Regionalism in the Post-Hegemonic World Order

The combined and uneven development of working-class capacities in Turkey, 1960–2016

Theorizing Food Sovereignty from a Class-Analytical Lens: The Case of Agrarian Mobilization in Argentina

Extractivism, Neoliberalism, and the Environment: Revisiting the Syrian Conflict from an Ecological Justice Perspective

Food security, obesity, and inequality: Measuring the risk of exposure to the neoliberal diet

Political geography of Turkey’s intervention in Syria: underlying causes and consequences (2011-2016)

The Nonprofit-Corporate Complex: An Integral Component and Driving Force of Imperialism in the Phase of Monopoly-Finance Capitalism

A class analytic approach to the Gezi Park events: Challenging the ‘middle class’ myth

The neoliberal diet and inequality in the United States

Cuban Agriculture and Food Sovereignty: Beyond Civil-Society-Centric and Globalist Paradigms

Turkey's Gezi Park Demonstrations of 2013: A Marxian Analysis of the Political Moment

Hugo Chávez’s unwritten testament: national-democratic struggle and contradictions of socialism

The Political Economy of “Food Security” and Trade: Uneven and Combined Dependency

Au-delà de la critique du rôle hégémonique de l’agro-industrialisation « verte » : la nature de classe des relations alimentaires et les alternatives pour une transformation radicale

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